AWAKE, USA. We have turned away from the loving God to our own selfish ways. As a result our hearts are clouded with depression. Many sense a flood of judgment coming our way! But it is not too late. As we humble ourselves and turn back to him in prayerful worship, he will receive us and heal our land. The Holy Spirit will set our hearts aflame with the LOVE of God, fill our lives with purpose and HOPE, and give us FAITH to live out productive, godly lives. Then we will be living in the joy of the Lord which gives us inner strength. 

In this abundant living we will tend to look beyond just our own wants and needs to identify with Christ’s operation for saving the lost and conquering the kingdom of Satan. Instead of promoting the worldly globalism of secular-humanism, we will look to conquering the world through advancing Christ’s spiritual globalism. This is not done through political domination. This war is waged through earnest prayer and living out godly love with faith and hope in the power of the Holy Spirit. We don’t have to go down in a flood of judgment. We don’t have to wait until it is too late like the people in Noah’s time did. We can do better than living sensually preoc

cupied with pleasuring our five senses like those who went down in the flood were doing. We can live spiritually in the overflowing joy of the Lord through seeking him and identifying with his cause, the cause to save the lost and conquer the world with his love.

Jesus is the answer to everyone’s personal flood of difficulty. He is willing to help you rise above it all as he did for the Noah family in the flood of water. If you are not born again he desires to birth you into his family. You only need to be willing to turn from your sinful life and trust him as your Savior. As you pray for his salvation your faith will bring you in touch with Jesus, and his Spirit will witness to you that you are born again, born of the Spirit. Then you will be living in the joy of the Lord and you will be on a foundation to trust him for all of life’s vicissitudes. If you want someone to explain more and help you pray, you may email us.

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  1. Jonathan Herron - Reply

    Hey Pastor Larry! Love you! I’m gonna have to come visit soon! I graduate on November 21st

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