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We have turned away from the loving God to our own selfish ways. This clouds our hearts with depression. Many sense judgment coming our way! But it is not too late. As we humble ourselves and turn back to him in prayerful worship, he will receive us and heal our land. The Holy Spirit will set our hearts aflame with the LOVE of God, fill our lives with purpose and HOPE, and give us FAITH to live out productive, godly lives. We will be living in the joy of the Lord with real peace and satisfaction which can never be found apart from God. Awake USA!


Identify with God’s Cause

The more we seek God and identify with his cause the more joy of the Lord we experience. Instead of promoting the worldly globalism of secular-humanism, we look to conquer the world through advancing Christ’s kingdom. We do not do this through political domination. We wage this war through earnest prayer and living out godly love with faith and hope in the power of the Holy Spirit.  And the more we do this the more joy we experience.


Born of God

If you are not a Christian, Father God desires to birth you into his family. You only need to be willing to turn from your sinful life and trust Jesus as your Savior. He died in your place for the sins you have committed so you can be forgiven. As you pray for his salvation your faith will bring you in touch with Jesus, and his Spirit will witness to you that you are born again, born of the Spirit. Then you will be living in the joy of the Lord and you will be on a foundation to trust him for all of life’s vicissitudes. If you want someone to explain more and help you pray, you may email us.

Our books are crafted to awaken us into close fellowship with God and give us faith to change the world: Book 1  Book 2  Book 3














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  1. Jonathan Herron - Reply

    Hey Pastor Larry! Love you! I’m gonna have to come visit soon! I graduate on November 21st

  2. Susan B LeBlanc - Reply

    Larry, what a great opportunity God has given you! And as usual, you have given all the glory back to Him. May God work in the lives of thousands of people who drive by the ARK and are seeking deliverance from this chaos we are being engulfed in these days.

    • admin - Reply

      Thanks Susie. You need to come and spend some time with us. You can stay in our AirBnB free.

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