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Plugged-in to the Dynamic Word: Living in Faith, Love, and Hope for Spiritual Conquest

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Plugged-in to the Dynamic Word: Living in Faith, Love, and Hope

 Plugged-in to the Dynamic Word: Living in Faith, Love, and Hope plugs us in to the living and powerful written word of God. It gives us a comprehensive grasp of the whole of Scripture to help us get its full impact.

We will be greatly inspired as we see the whole illuminated by the truths that bind the parts as one book? This study allows us to see the parts of the Bible as a united message and familiarizes us with the thought form underlying its teachings.

Core Idea

The core idea of this book is that faith, love, and hope conquer Satan’s perverted forms of the three, mentioned in 1 John 2:16. “The lust of the flesh” is sensualism, a perverted form of love. Love conquers it. “The lust of the eyes” is materialism, a perverted form of hope. Hope conquers it. “The pride of life” is humanism, a perverted form of faith. Faith conquers it. We are saved by faith, and with this godly faith, comes God-given love and hope.

A Scholar’s Comments about this Book 

“It has been said that he who defines the terms wins the debate. In this book, Larry Grabill has demonstrated his understanding of the importance of defining terms. Over a period of several years he has applied diligent effort to give definitions to terms very familiar to Christians but which are often not carefully defined.

“In Plugged-in to the Dynamic Word, Larry Grabill has combined a remarkable amount of biblical/theological elements involved in the path that begins with spiritual awakening, regeneration, and on to the life of holiness. What sets this work apart is his care in developing his definitions while faithfully establishing the idea that seeing the Bible through the lens of faith, love, and hope is the key to Biblical interpretation, and possessing these dynamics is the key to spiritual conquest. This book will be a help to teachers and students alike looking for answers in their own spiritual quests.”                                                           

Dave Gordeuk, Ph.D.


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