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The disciples and other followers of Jesus were hidden away in the upper room. Peter arose. “I am so unworthy to have the forgiveness of Christ, but I fully accept it. I want to wash the feet of all you disciples as Jesus taught us to do by his example. You will hear no more talk from me about who is the greatest.”

“I will let you do this, Peter,” replied Andrew as Peter came to him, “not because I am deserving but because I want to be a part of your submission to Christ.”

The others all nodded the same sentiment. Peter approached John where he was seated. “My heart has been envious of you, John. I am so sorry.” Tears flowed down John’s cheeks as he stood up and hugged Peter.

Bartholomew was ready with his confession as Peter approached him. “Peter, I am sorry for the standoffish attitude I have had toward you. I was jealous of your close relationship with Jesus. When Jesus blessed you for confessing that he was the Christ, the Son of the Living God, I was thinking of saying the same thing, but you beat me to it. I was livid, because you got the credit. I am so sorry.”

Tears gathered in Peter’s eyes. “We are both on the same level before God, Bartholomew. God bless you.”

“I have prepared the Lord’s supper for us,” said John softly with a twinkle in his eye. “We will no longer keep the traditional Passover, for the final Passover was fulfilled and finished in Christ’s death on the cross. He was the ultimate sacrifice and the Lamb of all lambs. We will continue to remind ourselves of our covenant in Christ’s blood, our covenant with our Savior. We will do this with the cup of the Lord’s Supper.”

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