From the Introduction of New Book: Foresight: Unfolding the Plot of the Bible

This book paraphrases Bible accounts and creates episodes in the angelic world, the demonic world, and the lives of Bible characters along with extensive quotes from Scripture. In the process, the plot of the Word unfolds in a developing narrative of Christ’s operation to save the lost and conquer the kingdom of the world.

When we identify with this operation, our hearts will be set aflame with God’s love. We will pray in faith, “Lord, deliver us from evil” and refuse to believe evil is destined to prevail. We will pray with believing hearts, “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” And accordingly, we will expect God’s will to prevail on earth. Instead of being victims of society’s evil, we will march forth by faith as victors to advance the cause of Christ. With this faith we will expect another great awakening and revival, perhaps like the explosive Wesleyan revival! To preorder, email a request for your copy by clicking here. 

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