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Things Come Together Shows Christianity Being Established in Africa

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Things Come Together: A contrast to Things Fall Apart

Things Come Together: The African Carries the Torch is a romance novel, based in Africa, rich with tribal culture. The stalwart, courageous Ekpe finds himself passionately in love with the charming, beautiful Ebitimi, but cannot afford the bride price. This dilemma is only one of many situations in the land.

Lighting the Way

Ekpe and several other young, spiritual entrepreneurs light the way to better things by carrying the torch of faith in God, integrity, and courage. This channels God’s love and hope to despairing hearts. Ekpe’s village and other  places begin to be vitalized. A spiritual awakening and Christian revival prevails while should business principles bring financial prosperity.

Eventually, even Ebitimi’s father comes through: he drastically reduces the bride price and God sends in the remainder. The triumphal marriage that follows is indicative of more victories to come.

Contrast to Famous Novel

The famous novel, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a picture of African society falling apart during colonial times. If the picture is accurate, one could conclude that the greed and arrogance of the colonial powers clashed the African social structure to its utter devastation. In contrast to this book, Things Come Together shows the African carrying the torch that lights the way to a genuine life-giving relationship with God and a highly functional society. This channels God’s love and hope to despairing hearts. Ekpe’s village and other places are vitalized to change the world.  


When the service finally ended and the last high- spirited person of the congregation had gone, Ekpe began casually making his way to his house with only the moon to light his path. It was then that he noticed the strange light ahead. It was an eery reddish-yellow color, and it flickered slightly. Perhaps he was seeing the dying embers of someone’s cooking fire. But suddenly a glowing figure appeared beside it, and an owl sounded its dreadful hoot three times in a row. 

Ekpe felt a freezing chill grip his spine just as a black object swished in front of his eyes, blocking his view. Terrified, he spun around and charged in the direction he had come from, but then he felt the hard, blunt object crash against his scull, as the light of the moon spun away into darkness.

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